Bike Course

The mountain bike course will be a mix of double-track and some more technical single-track trails. The "hardest" sections are BLUE (intermediate) trails. Please be aware that a blue trail in Squamish might be very different in technical difficulty compared to other locations and pre-riding the course is recommended.

Only mountain bikes are legal for competition. Cyclocross bikes are NOT allowed.

  • No drop handlebars are allowed. No aerobars are allowed.
  • All bikes must have 26", 27.5" or 29" wheels.
  • Bar extensions or grips off the handlebar must not exceed five inches (5")
  • Any/ all bar ends must be capped

Preliminary Course Outline (subject to change)

Sport Course (approx. 12.5K)

  • The Sport course is a 12.5K single loop that will follow parts of the Test of Metal course. Riders leave the South Beach on the paved road heading towards the Parks booth turning right and heading up the Access Road between Edith and Fawn Lake, climbing further to the top of Cliff´s Corners.
  • Descend down Cliff's Corners, Lower Corners onto Mashiter, descending towards Rollercoaster
  • Follow down Roallercoaster, crossing Perth Drive entering into Lumberjacks
  • Descend down Lumberjacks and exit onto Acess Road leading towards Jack`s Trail
  • Follow Jack´s Trail to South Beach

Championship Course (approx. 25K)

  • Championship course competitors will ride a 2-loop course. Riders follow the same course as outlined above but DO NOT proceed all the way to Alice Lake South Beach.
  • Competitors will turn right at 50 Shades of Green and will climb up further towards Mike´s Loop then descending Of Mice and Men Hill to Edith Lake.
  • Left turn at Edith Lake onto Access Road rejoining the first loop to climb up the Access Road between Edith and Fawn Lake to the top of Cliff´s Corners.
  • The remainder of the course follows the route as outlined above back to Alice Lake South Beach.

Important Facts

  • Safety is our priority.
  • Be mindful of other competitors on course and especially of other trail users!
  • The bike course is not a closed course. Expect other users! We try our best to inform the public and limit access as much as possible during the race.
  • The course is a mix of double-track and more technical single track trails. If you are not familiar with local Squamish trails check trail maps and pre-ride the course.
  • Please familiarize yourself with these and other rules by visiting our Tri BC Rules page.
  • Distances are approximate.

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