Swim Course

The swim takes place at Alice Lake Provincial Park with the start zone at the South Beach.

  • Both race distances start and finish at the South Beach.
  • The swim course is an elongated triangle of 750 meters.
  • Sport course competitors swim ONE loop.
  • Championship course competitors complete TWO loops (2 x 750 meters) with a brief exit onto the beach before commencing their second loop.
  • Wet suits are optional. Lake temperature taken on raceday morning by TriBC officials determines whether wetsuits will be allowed.

Swim Course Map

Important Facts

  • A kayak will lead the first heat of swimmers.
  • Safety is our priority!
    • Several kayaks and SUPs will be in the water.
    • Lifeguards will be at various points around the lake.
    • A search & rescue vessel is in the center of the course.
    • If you get into difficulties, roll over on your back and put your arm in the air.
  • Each swimmer must wear the swim cap provided.
  • Weak swimmers have the option of wearing a special coloured cap. Swim cap will be in the race packages. Please ask for a special coloured swim cap at package pickup if you need one.

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