Parking is VERY limited at Alice Lake Provincial Park. Please car pool if you can!
There will be additional parking available at Hwy 99 / Alice Lake Provincial Park turn-off. Watch for signs, give yourself enough time and be prepared to pedal to the race start/finish area at the south end of Alice Lake.


  • Arrive by 7 am if you were unable to pick up your race package earlier.

  • All competitors must have their race number with them for body marking. For safety reasons the numbers will be done with permanent ink.

  • There are two swim heat times, 8:30 am for Championship & Relay and 8:35 am for Sport. Be ready to go 15 minutes beforehand. We have strict swim cutoff times: 30 minutes for the Sport distance (750m) and 1 hour for the Championship distance (1500m)!

Sport course is one loop, Championship course is two loops, with a short beach exit and re-entry between loops. 


  • Only athletes and race volunteers are allowed in the transition area. You may leave only gear for the race in transition.

  • Only athletes will be allowed to retrieve their belongings from transition. Re-entry will be allowed at the end of all races, or as the Transition Marshals allow. We want to ensure the safety of all athletes and the security of bikes and gear.

  • Be aware of the entrance and exits from transition. Before your race begins, make sure you familiarize yourself with them:

    • Swim exit chute (from lake to transition),

    • Bike exit chute (from transition out onto bike course),

    • Bike entrance chute (coming back into transition from the bike course) and

    • Run exit chute (leaving transition for the last time and heading out onto the run course).

  • Remember where your bike and gear are.

  • An aid station will be located after the run exit from transition. Make sure to drink lots if it is hot!


  • This is an off-road triathlon, only mountain bikes will be allowed, no road bikes or cyclo-cross bikes.

  • It is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the course at least once before race day, ideally pre-ride it.

  • Maps are available on the Bike Course page. The course will be marked with trail flags and signs for race day.

  • There is one Aid Station on course in addition to the one at transition run exit.

  • The mountain bike trails are open to the public on race day. Please be respectful if passing, use caution, and listen to the course marshals.

  • A section of the race goes through the Provincial Park campground on the road and is open to camper traffic. We will try our best to divert traffic but all rules of the road apply on park roads.

  • Slow down for corners and hazards. Watch for wildlife! Keep your heads up, open eyes and stay safe!


  • Follow course marshal directions at all times.

  • Familiarize yourself with your race specific route(s).

  • Wear your race number in front on the run.

  • Clear the finish area after crossing the finish line to help timers do their job.

  • There are two Aid Stations on course and one at transition. The Sport Course only passes one of the on-course Aid Stations.


It requires a lot of volunteers to make events happen. Please take a moment during your day to thank the volunteers. Events also don't happen without sponsor partners, please help us in recognizing these community partners!


We offer a Relay Team option for the Championship Course (1500m swim, 25KM mountain bike, 10KM trail run)


  • Swimmers need to be at Alice Lake South Beach in the morning for Body Marking.

  • Weaker swimmers may request a different colored cap which will allow the safety crew in the lake to keep a closer eye on them.

  • You are not permitted to store any personal effects in the transition area.

  • The timing chips are worn around the ankle and must be transferred to your cyclist after exiting the swim.


  • Bodymarking is required.

  • You will rack your bike on a rack in a designated 'handoff' area for your swimmer to exit the lake.

  • Race numbers on the bike are to be worn on the back. You will be disqualified if your number is not on your back and visible at all times during the ride.

  • The timing chip will be passed from your swimmer and must be on your ankle prior starting your ride.

  • Drafting is prohibited and offenders will be penalized. More Info

  • At the Bike/Run Transition your chip must be transferred to your runner.


  • You will be waiting in a designated Transition area for Relay Teams.

  • Race Numbers are to be worn on the front during the run .

  • The timing chip will be passed from your cyclist and must be on your ankle prior starting your run.

  • You may not enter the swim/bike transition at any time before or during the event.