The 2019 Squamish Triathlon is taking place entirely at and around Alice Lake and features some of the most scenic trails in the area.

Our focus is to provide an appropriate course for all skill levels. The Sport course will be slightly less technical and difficult whereas the Championship course adds more single track on both bike and run course. 


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The swim takes place at Alice Lake Provincial Park with the start area and transition located at south beach.

  • Both race distances start and finish at the South Beach.

  • The swim course is an elongated triangle of 750 meters.

  • Sport course competitors swim ONE loop.

  • Championship course competitors complete TWO loops (2 x 750 meters) with a brief exit onto the beach before commencing their second loop.

  • Wet suits are optional. Lake temperature taken on raceday morning by TriBC officials determines whether wetsuits will be allowed.

  • We have strict swim cutoff times: 30 minutes for the Sport distance (750m) and 1 hour for the Championship distance (1500m)!


  • A kayak will lead the first heat of swimmers.

  • Safety is our priority!

    • Several kayaks and SUPs will be in the water.

    • Lifeguards will be at various points around the lake.

    • A rescue boat is on the lake.

    • If you get into difficulties, roll over on your back and put your arm in the air.

  • Each swimmer must wear the swim cap provided.

  • Weak swimmers have the option of wearing a special coloured cap. Swim cap will be in the race packages. Please ask for a special coloured swim cap at package pickup if you need one.


Sport Bike Course (12.5KM)

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Championship Bike Course (25KM)

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We are expecting the same bike course for the 2019 race.

The hardest sections include "blue" trails such as Rollercoaster and Lumberjacks. It is strongly recommended to pre-ride the course to familiarize yourself with the trails and difficulty level, especially if you are less experienced on Squamish trails. A "blue" trail in Squamish might differ in technical difficulty from blue trails in other locations.

The 12.5KM Sport and 25KM Championship Course follow the same trails, with the Championship Course adding a modified second loop. Both courses have a mix of double track/ access road and flowy single track trails that allow racers to pass and have fun on the faster downhill sections


New - Bike cutoff time: 3 (three) hours after swim start! If you are not in transition after your bike ride within 3 hours of race start for the Championship distance you will NOT be allowed on the run course. Please be aware. If you are uncertain, please consider signing up for the Sport distance race instead!

  • Only mountain bikes are allowed for competition. Cyclo-cross bikes are NOT allowed.

  • No drop handlebars are allowed. No aero bars are allowed.

  • All bikes must have 26", 27.5" or 29" wheels.

  • Bar extensions or grips off the handlebar may not exceed 5 (five) inches.

  • Any/ all bar ends must be capped.


Both Sport and Championship share some of the same trails.

Sport Course Trail Run (~5.5KM)

The Sport Course follows mostly the 4 Lakes Loop in counterclockwise direction.

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Championship Course Trail Run (~10.0KM)

The Championship Course adds a few more challenging and technical trails.

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Run Course Outline

  • Exit transition at Alice Lake South Beach climbing up the 4 Lakes trail to Edith Lake.

  • Both Championship and Sport course competitors follow the 4 Lakes Loop counter-clockwise.

  • Championships course competitors will take off at Bob McIntosh Trail, to Dead End Loop, up Soft Rock and down Man Boobs, back to Bob McIntosh, then rejoining the 4 Lakes Trail counter clockwise

  • Finish at Alice Lake South Beach

Important Facts

  • Race numbers must be worn on the front for the run.

  • Appropriate signage will be in place at key intersections, the 5Km (Championshop course) and 1Km to go markers.

  • Water and energy drink will be provided at all aid stations.

  • Distances are approximate.