Bob, Sam and Emma

Bob, Sam and Emma

In Memory of Bob McIntosh

The Squamish Triathlon is in memory of local triathlete Bob McIntosh, pictured here with his two children, Sam and Emma, in September 1997 (Photo: Bob, Sam and Emma 1997).

The triathlon was conceived as a community event to celebrate his life. He had a passion for triathlon and competed across Canada and the western United States. Bob qualified for the Canadian team and competed in two World Championships, once in Manchester, England, 1995, and again in Perth, Australia, 1997. He took great pride in being named as one of the captains of the Canadian team.

Regularly on Sunday mornings a group of friends would meet at Bob’s home before setting off on their weekly long run through the forested trails of Squamish. Bob fondly referred to these runs as “fat burners” and the slowest runner would set the group pace. Discussions were diverse and often a time for individuals to recount their work-week, exchange jokes, expound passions & peeves, analyze triathlon courses and boast of personal bests, all the while enjoying the amazing trail network of Squamish. A recurring topic initiated by Bob was the dream of one day hosting a triathlon in Squamish.

After his untimely death in 1997 this same group of friends began the process of bringing this dream to reality. The inaugural “Squamish Triathlon – A Memorial to Bob McIntosh” was launched in 1998 with over 200 individual entries and 51 relay teams.