Both Sport and Championship share some of the same trails.

Sport Course Trail Run (~5.5KM)

The Sport Course follows mostly the 4 Lakes Loop in counterclockwise direction.

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Championship Course Trail Run (~10.0KM)

The Championship Course adds a few more challenging and technical trails.

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Run Course Outline

  • Exit transition at Alice Lake South Beach climbing up the 4 Lakes trail to Edith Lake.

  • Both Championship and Sport course competitors follow the 4 Lakes Loop counter-clockwise.

  • Championships course competitors will take off at Bob McIntosh Trail, to Dead End Loop, up Soft Rock and down Man Boobs, back to Bob McIntosh, then rejoining the 4 Lakes Trail counter clockwise

  • Finish at Alice Lake South Beach

Important Facts

  • Race numbers must be worn on the front for the run.

  • Appropriate signage will be in place at key intersections, the 5Km (Championshop course) and 1Km to go markers.

  • Water and energy drink will be provided at all aid stations.

  • Distances are approximate.